Golden Apple: Melvin Dukes

Golden Apple: Melvin Dukes (Image 1)

Melvin Dukes' mother just has to be so proud of him. After all, he's following in her footsteps.

“I guess it started because my Mom she teaches math down at A.R. Johnson,” he says. “And it's just in the family it's just in my blood, that's it.”

Now he's using that genetic drive to teach math at Cross Creek High School.

“Today we were reviewing for the graduation test which we take on Tuesday.  We start off class with going over some old stuff and we try to end class on a fun note by playing Math Jeopardy,” he says.

And just like the example his mom gave him, Mr. Dukes teaches Cross Creek Kids about life through the Razor Sharp Gents Club.

“Just guys that we know for a fact need help want help and we just want to try to steer them in the right direction. And we have another group called Razor Chic Ladies so it's not just for guys, we have one for girls too.”

He also works with an group called The Backs–another extracurricular opportunity for these Razorbacks.

“It's really because Cross Creek doesn't have traditions.  We visited some of the other high schools and noticed that schools like Laney, Josey, Glenn Hills, everybody has traditions but Cross Creek. So this club is to build traditions for sporting events, pep rallies, anything around the school.  We're kind of like that support system.”

Yep, Melvin Dukes, inspired by a parent and acting like a parent–loving and teaching these young people about life.

“I definitely don't do it for the pay,” he says.
“But I do it just because I love the kids, that's my main reason.”

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