Mom2Mom: The Man on the Phone

Mom2Mom: The Man on the Phone (Image 1)

   If there were an All-Time Favorite Aunt award, it would have to go to my Aunt Jinny Martin. Over the years I have written stories about her serious non-conformist tendencies.

Let me give you a few examples:

* ALWAYS wearing shocking “liquid paper” white nail polish while her contemporaries sported Desert Rose or Pink Petal.

* NEVER, ever wearing pantyhose- except when my mother absolutely forced her to (honestly, bare 94-year old legs don’t work for everybody).

* And her PASSION for pretty pumps. When I was a kid, I thought Aunt Jinny simply ruled. She was quite the fashionista in her day.

I spent a lot of time with my aunt over the summer. She’s not getting around anymore and needs constant care.

But even propped up in bed, she’s still got her glam going on:  her make up bag, mirror, and rhinestone-studded pocket flashlight are within reach on the hospital tray that swings across her bed.

Oh, I forgot the remote control.

The television is never quite loud enough for her so I picked up the remote and pointed it at the TV. She quickly instructed, “It’s the button that says V-O-L. Just push that one.”

I raised an eyebrow and wondered, “Really? She’s telling me how to work the television remote?”

Ahhh, the irony.                

I was in the other room when I overheard her talking to someone. I walked into the bedroom and was surprised to find her on the phone.

She was nodding her head and saying “Yes, it’s Jinny Martin. Just tell her I called.  Jinny Martin, next door.  OK, bye bye.”

“Who were you talking to, Aunt Jinny?” I asked.

“Oh, the man who answers your mother’s phone, I talk to him every time I call over there.” she smiled.  

(I’m really curious now because my mother has been a widow for 19 years.)

“He must work for the phone company or something. He always takes my messages when she’s not home.”

Then it hit me. I had to turn around and walk into the hallway. Bless her heart, she’s thinks she’s talking to an actual person!  Aunt Jinny doesn’t understand VOICE MAIL.


Click here for Augusta Family Magazine.  Artwork by Michael Rushbrook.


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