What’s Trending at 5:30, Wednesday, September 4th

What's Trending at 5:30, Wednesday, September 4th (Image 1)

Coverage you can count on continues with What's Trending.

A call to police about a suspicious person took a wild turn……
The officer and another person tried to pin down a woman who police say had a hammer…..the officer also tried to tase her…it didn't work.
Witnesses say she got up, jumped into the driver's seat of the police car…and took off.
She crashed into three other vehicles, before she was finally arrested and taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

A man was driving down the highway when a surfboard came flying at his car.
Some scratches on his arms, and a few on his face. that's all.
Witnesses told police they saw the surfboard fall off the overpass .. then it bounced off the school bus ..and what's still a mystery .. is who the surfboard belongs to, “it was about 8-10 feet long, was red and made of styrofoam”
His message to the owner: “can you please claim your board and i don't know, pay for the windshield or something because you almost killed me, yeah. “

Debrah Brown community school is one student short after  a disagreement over a dress code.
School officials told Tiana Parker that her dreadlocks were not presentable..
The seven year old was in tears…and her parents were furious.
The school's dress code states: hairstyles such as dreadlocks,afros,mohawks and a few others are a distraction to the  learning environment.
Tiana  now wears a new uniform..but the same hairstyle  which is  fine according to her new school.

The feline mayor of an Alaskan town is in bad condition after a dog attack.
Yes the mayor's a cat.
Mayor Stubbs has a punctured lung and a fracture, but he is breathing on his own.
Stubbs became mayor after his constituents didn't like any of the human candidates.
Talkeetna is a “historical district,” so the mayor job is more symbolic than functional

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