Season 17 of “Dancing With The Stars” Is About To Kick Off – Are The Stars Ready?

Season 17 of "Dancing With The Stars" Is About To Kick Off - Are The Stars Ready? (Image 1)

They're ready! But…

“Nervous?” ABC's Melissa
Rycroft asked Amber Riley.

“Yes, definitely nervous.
Very anxious,” Riley admitted.

Rycroft then turns to Bill
Engvall. “You're in the ballroom. What are you thinking right now?”

“I've got to tell you,” he
said, “it was a lot more nervous than I thought it would be.”

“Terrified,” Leah Remini

“It's absolutely
terrifying,” Jack Osbourne agreed.

So Rycroft asked, “What
are you scared of?”


“It's just a dance show,”
Cheryl Burke assured her partner.

Rycroft agreed, “It's just
a dance show.”

“Just a dance show.”
Osbourne didn't seem so sure.

“Millions of people,”
Rycroft added.

A dance show that – this season
– has restricted the couples' initial rehearsals to just four hours each day.

“Peeta is very
intimidating when she wants to be. She seems very sweet and unassuming,” Brant
Daugherty – star of “Pretty Little Liars” – confessed. “This girl's terrifying.”

“Is she really?” Rycroft

“I have this, this look,”
Peta Murgatroyd consented.

“Yeah,” Daugherty agreed

“Can I see it?” Rycroft requested
of Murgatroyd. “Give it to the camera.”

“It's just like…”
Murgatroyd stopped, showing off the look that terrifies Daugherty.

“And what's your reaction
to that face?”

“I normally start sweating
a little bit because I know she's about to yell at me,” Daugherty answered

Week One they'll ChaCha,
Fox Trot, and Contemporary Dance.

“What are you finding most
difficult in rehearsals that you didn't expect? This one?” Rycroft asked Corbin
Bleu, referring to his professional partner – Karina Smirnoff.

“It's not that she's
difficult,” Bleu explained. “She's actually the easiest person to get along with,
and we laugh and we have fun. She just – she, she's a tough Russian is all it
is. She cracks the whip.”

Rycroft's attention then
turns to sitcom veteran Valerie Harper. “How are you feeling?”

“I really am feeling well.
I have a strained knee, but it's coming back,” Harper said optimistically. “I
wouldn't be doing this if it was endangering me in any way. And I think it was
a great opportunity to get out there and say, you know, ‘I have cancer. Keep
living your life. Keep moving, and you can win. You can extend time, at least.'”

“On thing I hope to accomplish
is: I guess, mainly, just to kind of put it out there, in all seriousness, that
when you get diagnosed with MS that your life doesn't stop and that you are
still, for the most part, able to do what everyone else can,” Osbourne
explained of dancing with Multiple Sclerosis.

“What do you hope to
accomplish this season?” Rycroft asked of Riley.

“You know, I really want
young girls that look just like me to feel – just get out there and move and

“So you're a new mom,”
Rycroft commented to former teen star Elizabeth Berkley Lauren.


“How old is he?”

“My son is one, and his
name is Sky,” Berkley-Lauren responded. “He'll definitely come to rehearsal for

Rycroft's attention then
turned to the “Science Guy”. “Do you see anybody here as competition or are you
just trying to get past Week One?”

“No, no. I don't see
anybody who's NOT competition,” Bill Nye acknowledged. “I mean, I see every one
of them as – if I understand this term, a THREAT.”

Potential threats include “Jersey
Shore's” Snookie, football's Keyshawn Johnson, and actress, singer, songwriter
Christina Milian.

Chemistry can be key to
winning, as Rycroft learned from Tony Dovolani two seasons ago. Now it's Leah
Remini's turn with Tony.

“I'm kind of your
favorite, though, right?” Rycroft teased her former partner.

“This is good. I love
this,” Remini laughed at Dovolani's predicament.

“You are my favorite, so
shut up. Not until now, babe, come on. Previous partner she's talking about,”
he assured Remini.

Fiery Remini faked
outrage. “Why don't you dance with her? I want you to do it. Screw this and
screw the interview.”

“Why'd you do that one?”
Dovolani teased Rycroft.

She played innocent. “I
wasn't expecting you to walk right into it.”

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

You can see all of the
stars as they take to the dance floor for the first time. Season 17 of “Dancing
With the Stars” kicks off September 16 at 8pm on WJBF News Channel 6. You can
also follow along online with weekly updates and commentary on and
Laney's Look.

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