What’s Trending at 5:30, Monday, September 16th

What's Trending at 5:30, Monday, September 16th (Image 1)

Time for what's trending at 5:30… 

 It's another pageant moment that a lot of South Carolinians think made the Palmetto State look bad.
  In the contestant introductions, Brooke Mosteller, Miss South Carolina, said quote, “From the state where 20% of our homes are mobile cause that's how we roll.”
  It was supposed to be funny, but many viewers aren't laughing.
   The manufactured housing institute of South Carolina didn't think it funny, but isn't upset either.
 South Carolina does have the highest percentage of mobile homes in the country.
  But it's actually 17 point 9 percent, not 20.
  People who sell those homes actually say it was a good thing.

 We often see surprise proposals from service members.
 But one over the weekend happened while tailgating before the South Carolina football game against Vanderbilt on Saturday.
 Patrick McMenamin surprised Leanna Smith, his girlfriend of 3 years, with a marriage proposal. Smith and her friends were distracted by a t-v crew as he snuck up and popped the question.

 Parents, if you feel like you're an ATM for your kid, here's something to make you feel better.
  A new study shows children are more likely to give back.
 It shows that children whose parents talk to them about charity are 20% more likely to give to charity themselves.
 It didn't matter how much parents made, their race or their age.
The morale of the study? Leading by example matters.

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