What’s Trending at 5:30, Wednesday, September 18th

What's Trending at 5:30, Wednesday, September 18th (Image 1)

Continuing with What's Trending at 5:30….
Anti-smoking activist Terrie Hall has lost her battle with cancer.
You've probably seen her – she's the 53-year-old who was featured in a hard-hitting anti-smoking ad from the CDC.
She spoke about how doctors discovered a tumor in her larynx after 23 years of smoking.
Hall had her larynx removed, but still battled with cancer.
She said that she joined the CDC anti-smoking campaign hoping to save lives.

One mother says she was touched when her son wrote a letter to Santa, asking him to make the kids at school, stop bullying his sister.
Karen had asked her fraternal twins, Amber and Ryan, to write the letters so she could budget for the holidays. The kids are eight and just began third grade.
Karen says after reading Ryan's letter, she plans on speaking to Amber's teachers and the parents of the bullies at school.
She says she's so glad to have a selfless son – plus Santa – to watch out for her daughter.

What if YOUR house was plumbed with beer? Well, that's what happened to one man's house in New Zealand.
A group of guys decided to do this great prank on their friend Russ, by plumbing his house with beer. They rolled several kegs into the house and set them up so beer would flow from every tap.
They installed several cameras in the house to catch Russ' response.

If you're a fan of Jackie Chan – good news: you could get to know him a LOT better.
The actor and kung fu star is planning a theme park in China.
The Jackie Chan State Park is under development in Beijing right now.
Chan says he wanted to buy everything when he was young, and now wants to donate whatever he has.
The 59-year-old's theme park will have five major areas and a lot of culture exhibition centers.
Construction started last year.

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