What’s Trending at 5:30, Thursday, September 19th

What's Trending at 5:30, Thursday, September 19th (Image 1)

Continuing with What's Trending at 5:30….

It's a growing obsession among parents to capture their kids' every move and share
it online.
But, when does parental pride become oversharing – and who's getting
hurt by it? ABC's Bianna Golodryga has the story.

Every outfit, hair do, first day of school —  all captured for the world to
see via instagram.  for some moms, posting on the popular social media site
has become their ultimate window to the world, to the point of obsession.
Lauren, ” people have play groups that they go to I have instagram.”

Lauren Hartman of Portland, Oregon is a stay at home mom to 20 month old fern, “”can you say peanut butter?”

She posts on instagram daily-but not just life's spontaneous moments- she
wants the world to see her daughter at her best.

Lauren, “you are creating an image on social media and you want your
life to be perceived in this certain way.”

After posting lauren relishes the comments section and the likes she
receives, “you are addicted to this feedback.  you are addicted to the

Pilar Clark, a mom outside of Chicago, describes herself as an instagram
junkie, and says she spends hours photoshopping and filtering photos of her
kids, ” that part is getting a little obsessive and I am not sure why I am
doing it so much.

Even kids themselves have become digital celebrities-5 year old alonso mateo
whose mom dresses him in tailored jackets and designer glasses was named “
Instagram style icon” by New York magazine and already has 50,000

“it really is about the moms it really is about what they want their
perception to be it is what they are saying about themselves through their
children”….and with the focus on creating a well choreographed digital story moms can
feel inadequate when things are not that rosey.

“it's reality with filters and cropped out and caught at just the right
moment, // it can make you feel like your life is not that great when you
are comparing it to everyone else's highlight reel.”

” I know that there are some nay sayers who say by the time young
children grow up // all these things that are shared on line will negatively
 impact how they are received but//, a blog is really a love letter to my

The latest video game – “Grand Theft Auto” – making *millions* in sales.
It brought in 800-million dollars in its *first* day for sale on Tuesday.
About eight-thousand, three-hundred American stores held midnight openings to meet demand for the game.
The orginial version came out 16 years ago.
The series has been controversial because of its violence.

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