Golden Apple: Meredith Harris

Golden Apple: Meredith Harris (Image 1)

Meredith Harris teaches English and Drama at Fox Creek High School.

“When I was in school and younger, I was always the one helping out my friends,” she says.  “And they came to me for help with their homework and that was something that I really enjoyed. I always loved school as well.  I used to cry when my sister would do her homework and I didn't have any to do. I was always passionate about school and a dork and I loved it and I just kind of knew that I wanted that to be a part of my life.”

When she's not in here, Ms. Harris is working on Fox Creek pageants, the yearbook, or teaching homebound students.

“It's really nice to be able to see the students in an atmosphere outside the classroom, although the classroom's very important,” she says.  “It's just extra time to be able to build those relationships and to have fun and just enjoy them and get to know them on a more personal level.”

Harris has only been at this for 5 years.  Her fellow faculty have already voted her teacher of the year at Fox Creek.  And she's not through being a student. Meredith is working on her masters.

“I just think that's important for me to gain some more knowledge and furthering my career,” she says.

A career that will likely be spent helping kids like these become successful citizens.

“I think that to get into teaching you have to be passionate about it. You don't get into it for the pay or the benefits. I'm passionate about having relationships with my students. I think you have to have a good rapport with them to be able to be an effective teacher. I enjoy them. “

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