Golden Apple: Anne Moss

Golden Apple: Anne Moss (Image 1)

Time to meet a fantastic 4th grade teacher.

 Her name is Anne Moss and she teaches at Episcopal Day school.  She is dedicated to helping her young students be prepared for a lifetime of success.This is lunch time. Not to be confused with a lunch break, because for Anne Moss, the day just doesn't slow down.

“The teaching job is worth more than the money they pay me,” she says. “I think there are plenty of years I would have said I would have done it for free, because it's that much fun.”

The hugs and the smiles are proof that this 4th grade teacher is more than just a lady with a lesson plan.

“We're family. I think that's the bottom line. I feel like these children are mine. I feel like I'm part of their lives forever and they're in my heart forever.”

Mrs. Moss watches her Episcopal Day School students change and grow so much in just a year.

She says, “As you see them become more independent learners, able to do things on their own, it's just a matter of, it's pride, but I don't mean self-pride. It's pride that you have for them, that they're able to do that on their own.”

It also helps that she's still a kid at heart.

“I'm very famous for saying to the kids, listen guys, I was 9 too. I was 10 also. I know exactly what's going through your mind. I know how hard it is.  And we do things like we'll stop what we're doing and just take a break if we need to.  And do some silly stretching, moving around the room. Because I know it's hard to be still and sit and study and learn all day.”

  It's part of an approach that makes Mrs. Moss's former students want to come back.  It happened just the other day when a high school senior stopped by.

“He just wanted to come back and reconnect with that part of his life where he, I thought had felt so secure and safe.”
“That's got to feel great.”
(Mrs. Moss)
“It does. It does.
I said to myself, my heart's just full to think I had anything to do with him becoming the young man he's turned into.”

And young men and women are sure to keep coming back long after their Episcopal Day School experience is over, just to say thanks to Anne Moss and the entire team here.

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