What’s Trending at 5:30, Wednesday, September 2nd / Conversation

What's Trending at 5:30, Wednesday, September 2nd / Conversation (Image 1)

Time for What's Trending….

Frustration over the u-s government is sparking protest across america….one man is speaking out in his front yard….by flying an american flag upside down to send a message that the country is in trouble.
It's not against the law, but some of his neighbors say it is sending the wrong message.
Walter Blanchard says he's a patriot and also a veteran, serving in south korea twice and once in vietnam.
According to the Department of Veterans Affairs website, flags should only be flown upside down as a signal of distress. Blanchard says that's exactly why he's doing it.

Workers in London found human skulls while digging a new train tunnel.
They are said to date back to THIRD OR FOURTH CENTURY. The 20 Roman Skulls were found about 20 feet underground.
They're among more than ten-thousand archeological items found by rail workers since 2009.

Here's a case of Bumper Cars….only with a school bus.
State troopers in Tacoma, Washington say a bus driver bumped into a pickup truck — then rear-ended another bus.
Not sure how it all got started….but there were no children on board and no one was hurt.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.
Franco Scaramuzza is a fencing coach and just leaving practice….when he saw two men use pepper spray against a couple, then steal a purse.
So he jumped out of his car and grabbed his fencing sword. He yelled as he rode toward them…..freaked them out, they dropped everything and ran.
Police eventually caught them.

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