YHT Harlem: History Of Downtown Harlem

YHT Harlem: Interview With Bobby Courtwright (Image 1)

The small city of Harlem was founded in the late 1800's after some people wanted a liquor-free town.

The booming lumber town was named after Harlem, New York because of the town's artistic culture.

The now defunct Georgia Railroad also played a huge part in the city's history with many railroad workers living in town.

In the early 1900's, a fire damaged the opera house, an oil plant, and many buildings. But today, Harlem's downtown is filled with what you'd find in any small town: a barber shop, a florist, a theatre, a city hall, a police department, an antique store, and a restaurant.

Harlem is also getting a new roundabout at Pumpkin Center. That's where Wrightsboro Road meets Appling-Harlem Road and Ray Owens Road. It'll have an extra lane dedicated to buses and semi-trucks.

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