Laney’s Look: Not Seeing Eye To Eyes With The “Dancing With The Stars” Judges

Laney's Look: Not Seeing Eye To Eyes With The "Dancing With The Stars" Judges (Image 1)





Over the past several seasons of “Dancing With The Stars”
I’ve found that it is hit or miss as to whether or not I agree with the judges.
This season I’ve agreed with them more than I have in seasons past – at least
until this week. For me, this week was an odd week. Some scores I agreed with,
others I didn’t, and then there were the times that the comments and the scores
didn’t match up.

It is obvious that the competition is starting to take its
toll on the starts, not just physically but emotionally. I’m sure many of them
entered the competition wanting to win, but not really sure they could pull it
off. Now, the longer they stay in the competition, the more they want to get
that taste of victory. That goal is a farther reach for some than others, but the
opinions of the judges have a definite impact.

Jack Osbourne (Quick
The Quick Step isn’t an easy dance. Often times it’s compared to a
race. That’s a pretty good comparison. For the most part I think Jack did a
good job keeping up. The performance wasn’t quite as sharp as it could’ve been,
but overall he did a good job and I thought the scores were pretty fair. Judges’ Scores: 8-8-8

Elizabeth Berkley
Lauren (Argentine Tango):
Elizabeth’s performance can be summed up with one
word – LEGS! There is no denying the woman has legs for miles, and that just
added to what was already an amazing performance. The flicks and lines were
just gorgeous. You simply couldn’t help but watch the effortless way she moved.  Judges’
Scores: 9-9-9

Brant Daugherty (Salsa):
This was the first dance of the night where I didn’t agree with the judges’
scores. While the dance wasn’t his best, it definitely deserved better than
7’s. The lifts alone deserved better than that. I think at the end of the day,
though, Brant’s concern over the lifts – because of his previous injury –
caused him to lose some focus and not be as sharp as he could’ve been.  Judges’
Scores: 7-7-7

Valerie Harper (Viennese
Every week when Valerie takes to the dance floor, I want her to do
so well. She has a personality that just makes you smile. Sadly, that doesn’t
carry over to her footwork. Again this week, she got lost several times during
the dance. If only points could be given for the heart behind the attempt. Judges’ Scores: 6-6-6

Leah Remini (Cha-Cha):
I find myself pulling for Leah each week. She has such determination, and I
want to see her come through. This week I felt like there were two sides of
Leah, and they were battling during the Cha-Cha. The top part of her showed the
determination and spunk. Her steps, though, weren’t as sure. They seemed to
careful and lacked confidence. Judges’
Scores: 8-8-8

Corbin Bleu (Paso
This season might make me a fan of the Paso Doble yet! Corbin
showed strength and power through the entire dance. Honestly, I thought this
dance was going to earn the first 10 of the season. I didn’t expect 10’s from
all the judges, but I thought for sure he would get at least one. He simply did
an amazing job. Judges’ Scores: 9-9-9

Nicole Polizzi (Jive):
I found myself a little disappointed in Nicole’s Jive. Granted, she had a rough
week with being sick, but she’s pulled through in previous weeks. That’s not to
say that she did a bad job this week, but the dance lacked the extra spunk. Her
kicks weren’t as sharp as they could’ve been either. I know she could’ve
performed it better. Judges’ Scores:

Christina Milian (Fox
This was another performance that I disagreed with the judges on. I
loved this Fox Trot. I thought Christina did a greet job, and I loved the
personality. Considering some of the other dances that earned the same score, I
thought she deserved higher. Hopefully next week she’ll come out and show them
what she has – and hopefully they’ll actually see it. Judges’ Scores: 8-8-8

Amber Riley (Tango):
The Amber I loved in week one came back in full force this week. After the past
couple of weeks, I was a little concerned over the Tango this week. She brought
her A game, though. Her footwork was great, her connection with Derek was
amazing, and she had the personality to match. This is the Amber I saw week one
when I made my picks for final three. Judges’
Scores: 9-9-9

Bill Engvall (Salsa):
Every week I’ve enjoyed watching Bill. He has surprised me with each dance
and makes me smile watching him. This week he made me smile, but it wasn’t his
best dance. You could see that he was uncomfortable with the hip action the
Salsa. Even with that, though, he still gave a fun performance that I enjoyed
watching. Judges’ Scores: 7-7-7

It was sad, even though expected, to see Valerie eliminated
at the end of the night. Just like everything else in the competition, she
handled it with grace and a smile. I think she expected it just as much as
everyone else. It will not surprise me at all to see her in the audience in
coming weeks. I think she’ll be there supporting her fellow cast mates.

So I’ve reached the point where I make my prediction as to
who will be eliminated next week. Valerie had the lowest score this week, and
right behind her was Bill and Brant. While I still think that both have strong
fan followings, I do think they are in danger. However, Leah, Jack, Nicole, and
Christina aren’t far behind. It could really go several different ways, but I
think at the end of the day – sadly – Bill will be eliminated.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on Monday night’s
show and the upcoming elimination? Weigh in with your thoughts!

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