Golden Apple: Stephanie Reeves

Golden Apple: Stephanie Reeves (Image 1)

Stephanie Reeves is making sure her Social Studies students stay focused on another important lesson.

“We've been studying about the European exploration of North America. We've been studying that for about 3 weeks now.”

She also teaches Science here at Dearing Elementary School as her little kids start to grow up.

“4th Grade is a change from  having them just get the basic knowledge, to now we're teaching them how to apply the knowledge.  Sometimes it does become a little bit of a transition for them and they struggle a little bit at the beginning. But once it finally clicks, they love it and they take it and run with it. And it's just amazing to see the growth from the beginning of the 4th grade to the end of the 4th grade and see them go on and actually learn to love what they're learning.”

It's also nice to have a job in a close-knit community.

“There's an advantage of having a pre-k through 5 school. We get to know our parents, we get this good relationship with them.”

That relationship is key to accomplishing things in here.

“I rely on them heavily. We had Native American Day a couple of weeks ago and I wouldn't have been able to pull it off if I didn't have my volunteers. I had parents helping me construct teepees, and doing archery and making totem poles. It was wonderful. I couldn't have done it without them.”

Way to go Stephanie Reeves. A great teacher with a great heart.

“I love my job. I love the kids. I love being able to know that I have an impact on our future. And being able to teach them responsibility and the importance of being involved in your community and being a productive citizen.”

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