Latest Hollywood Buzz Revealed In The Showbiz Wrap

Latest Hollywood Buzz Revealed In The Showbiz Wrap (Image 1)

A celebrity reveals he is
dealing with type 2 diabetes.  Akiko
Fujita tells us who in the Showbiz Wrap. 

Life's gotten a little
less sweet for Tom Hanks–the two time Oscar-winner revealing he's been
diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  A
slimmed-down Hanks, who's out promoting his newest movie, “Captain Phillips”–underplayed
the diagnosis–saying it's all under control. 
The 57-year-old actor joins the ranks of other celebrities battling
diabetes including Paula Deen, Drew Carey and Randy Jackson.

Talk about an
about-face?  Bryan Cranston–just coming
off his career defining portrayal of Walter White–the “Breaking Bad”
science teacher turned meth cooking kingpin–heads to the great white way–cast
as President Lyndon Baines Johnson. 
Cranston plays the former president during that difficult first year in
office–and explores both his bid for re-election– and the passage of the Civil
Rights Act of 1964.

Taylor Swift set a new
record–the nashville songwriters association International announcing it will
name Swift its Songwriter/Artist of the Year–her 6th win–beating
out 5-time winners, Vince Gill and Alan

Jackson.  The award recognizes Nashville acts that have
achieved top 30 singles.

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