Golden Apple: Christian Wilder

Golden Apple: Christian Wilder (Image 1)

Christian Wilder has been teaching most of her life,  long before she ever had thoughts of ending up in an actual classroom.
“Teaching has been around in my family for a while,” she says. “I did not think I wanted to teach, but it was something I've always done.  My mom owned a day care center and I used to go downstairs and work with the kids and do stuff like that.”

Today her Norris Elementary students are becoming smart shoppers.
“We have been learning how to multiply add and subtract decimals.  Now we are applying it to our every day life. They are learning how does this work in every day life, multiplying, adding and subtracting decimals.  They are creating a menu from the sales paper, going grocery shopping and applying the terms they've learned,” she says.

That's some pretty valuable real life experience at such a young age.
“It helps me feel good to see how excited they are about doing it and planning the menu. And normally we don't get to do that at an early age so I think it's something they will be able to take with them forever.”

Ms. Wilder is so much more than a teacher.  When she's not here, she's at her church, working as the Youth Minister.
“I think my ultimate place on earth is to bring glory to God and to bring children to God.  I want to exemplify Christ in everything so that is why I continue to work in the community as well.”

Christian–truly living the Christian life while reaping the rewards of being such a positive influence in these young lives.

“The smiles the hugs and the love that they always give me, it just gives me a joy and a pleasure to teach them.”

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