What’s Trending at 5:30, Friday, October 4th / Conversation

What's Trending at 5:30, Friday, October 4th / Conversation (Image 1)

Continuing with What's Trending at 5:30….

The government shut down is frustrating some and hitting others pretty hard.
Especially 300 Federal prison workers in Wisconsin.
The guards are still reporting for work even though their pay checks are on hold….but the prisoners they secure are still getting paid as they perform their daily duties.
Workers and union reps are reaching out to elected officials.

A scuffle a washington courthouse over a 9-year old's birthday cake — and it's all caught on camera.
A woman come into the courthouse with the cake for her daughter, she brought it in from the car to keep the dog from eating it.
so she left it on the table. But then a man who came in after her smashes his hand into it.
A deputy asked him to stop — but he didn't — and he then lunged at the cake.
The man was wrestled to the ground and arrested on suspicion of theft.

You may have asked her to help you find a good restaurant or directions.
You've heard her voice many times. 
We're talking about siri, i-phone's virtual assistant, but who is the woman behind the famous voice?
Her name is Susan Bennett, her name can be heard on many GPS systems, many telephone systems and even delta airlines.

A high school dance team coach in Wisconsin is off the job tonight after a routine by her team. They danced to blurred lines during halftime of a football game and the school claims some parents complained. Lisa Jolin is the coach's name…she says they edited the song to make it appropriate for a high school audience. Two members of the team have quit in protest of Jolin being removed.

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