What’s Trending at 5:30, Thursday, October 24th / Conversation

What's Trending at 5:30, Thursday, October 24th / Conversation (Image 1)

Continuing with What's Trending at 5:30…..

When you hit the mall, you probably expect to see department stores, jewelry or shoe shops – but probably not this.
How about shopping for a casket? A new store in Louisiana will let you do just that.
It's called “Till We Meet Again.”
The store offers customers a range of options to customize caskets, urns, and other postmortem paraphernalia.
The store's owner says they cater to any request – including decking out caskets with the logo of the deceased favorite sports team. The grand opening is Saturday.

Well, it may sound bizarre – but a travel company in Tokyo takes your stuffed animals on vacation… without you.
Sunlen Serfaty has more on the “Stuffed Animal Tour” that has some getting therapeutic benefits.
These bears, puppies and bunnies are quite the world travelers. seen here touring the sites, sampling the food in all sorts of foreign cities. cnn reports this sort of international toy tourism is made possible by the Unagi travel company in Tokyo.
The specialty service started three years ago and has so far sent nearly 200 stuffed animals on vacations across japan, europe, and the U-S. 
Here's how it works: for a small price — 45 dollars plus the cost of shipping, send in your stuffed animal. then your toy will be taken on all sorts of travel adventures.
Each leg of the journey — from pancakes being shared with travel companions, to footprints on the beach — will be documented with photos, and those snapshots sent back to the toy's owner.
That is where the therapeutic benefit really does comes in for the owners. owners tell Japanese news organizations that they get enjoyment out of seeing the sites from their stuffed animals eyes, especially when they would be unable to visit otherwise.
Japan news reports that 40-percent of this business's customers are repeat customers.
Clearly, there is demand and satisfaction for this service.

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