What’s Trending at 5:30, Wednesday, October 9th / Conversation

What's Trending at 5:30, Wednesday, October 9th / Conversation (Image 1)

Continuing with What's Trending at 5:30.

No halloween parade or celebrations for one elementary school in Pennsylvania.
Parents got a letter from school officials restricting the fall celebration.
The policy says that the school system will “not” sponsor or support the celebration of halloween parades, halloween parties, or dressing in
halloween costumes.”
Some parents and children are upset at the changes, others say they're pleased.

The happiest place on earth is making big changes to their policies for visitors with disabilities.
Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts will no longer allow guest s with disabilities instant access to rides.
Disney is making the change after reports of able-bodied people abusing the policy…
…including some wealthy visitors who reportedly hired disabled people to pretend to be family members so they could skip lines.
In a statement, disney said: “we are modifying our current… program so we can continue to serve the guests who truly need it, and for whom it was intended.”

“It's really…as a whole, it's really not that bad.”
An email from a fraternity on Georgia Tech's campus called “Rape Bait”, has gone viral.
The email explains how to talk to women at parties, get them drunk, dance sexually with them, and then, have intercourse with them.
It also says, “If anything ever fails – go get more alcohol.”
A former pledge says it was all just a joke – just locker room humor.

Recess as it was once known is being changed forever.
Students at one middle school will not be able to toss a football…..nerf ball is in.
Hard soccer balls are a thing of the past, along with baseballs and lacrosse balls — even rough games of tag — or cartwheels cannot be played, unless supervised by a coach.
The superintendent says the change of policy is due to a rash of playground injuries.
Some parents say it's really about liability and lawsuits.

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