Golden Apple: Shana Brown

Golden Apple: Shana Brown (Image 1)

Shana Brown's students get to learn about how we got here. She teaches U.S. and World History at Thomson High School.

“I've always been intrigued by the story that got us to where we are,” she says. “I like stories and history is full of them. It's something that I've always excelled in throughout my life, so that's what I was comfortable doing when I was teaching.”

Her students stay focused because Mrs. Brown makes sure they can link the lessons to their lives.

She says, “I try to make it relatable to things that they can identify with from today.  It's not always easy because it is history, but usually history repeats itself so if you just draw on things that have always happened and occurred, I can make the connections pretty easily to things that are going on in their lives right now.”

And she always appreciates help that comes from home.

“Making sure that you touch bases with your child's teacher and basically just getting together and solving the problems that they may have together.”

Congratulations Shana Brown, teaching history while getting students set for the future.

“I think my biggest thing aside from just my content area is just teaching people how to live in a world where the ends don't always meet. I think that a lot of times we focus on making the ends meet as opposed to  living in a world where the ends don't meet, so that's probably one of my strongest teaching philosophies and I just take it into every lesson.”

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