Affordable care Act – October 31st

Affordable care Act - October 31st (Image 1)
Affordable care Act - October 31st (Image 1)

Trying to figure out medical coverage for parents with part-time custody of their children, may be difficult on your own, but Robert Harn from benefit coordinators is here to help you.
Question, “I'm wondering if I have split custody of my child, who is responsible for the fees if we don't have healthcare? is it the parent who claims the child on their taxes?”
Robert has the answer, “we are not tax accountants or CPA's so I would recommend you speaking with your CPA or possibly your divorce attorney on who pays that health premium on the child. I would imagine that that was set up in your divorce agreement.”
If you have questions about the Affordable Care Act, send them to News Channel Six… CareAct at, we'll take your questions…..and get you the answers you need.
It's healthcare coverage you can count on.

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