Golden Apple: Stephanie Scott

Golden Apple: Stephanie Scott (Image 1)

Long before Stephanie Scott came to Richmond County, Georgia, she was a small child in a small town.  That's when someone made a big impression.

“I've always wanted to become a teacher because of my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Bazemore. So ever since, back in Screven County, she really inspired me,” she says.

Inspiration that brought her here to Jamestown Elementary School.

“I love it,” she says.  “It's exciting. I'm learning every day just like the kids. Every day is a new experience.”

Ms. Scott does not just sit around. It was tough for us to get a shot of her standing still.

“In order for the kids to learn, I think I have to be engaged too. Be really really excited, be enthused with energy as well.”

Did we mention that this is Stephanie Scott's very first year of teaching?  Just a few months on the job and already a Golden Apple Award winner. Already impacting others, just like her second grade teacher impacted her.

“It's funny because one of my students told me the other day, 'Ms. Scott, you know what, I want to be a teacher too, just like you.'  And so we had twin dress-up day, 'I'm dressing like you today Ms. Scott.' And so it does feel good that they are looking at everything you do. They are watching you and I think I'm a good role model for them.”

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