Not Enough Hot Air To Go Around In The CSRA

Not Enough Hot Air To Go Around In The CSRA (Image 1)

“He said, this is the
last tank, I've got it here you better come get it now,” said Jemelle Daniel.

It was like winning the
“helium” lottery.

Jumelle Daniel has never
seen a shortage this bad in all her life.

“In forty years we've
always had helium and it's just something that we just take for granted but it's
just not there anymore.”

No, that's not helium
filling up that birthday balloon.

It's just plain, old air.

“Helium is great
because it's a gas that's lighter than air. So when you fill a balloon with it
then the balloon floats,” said Jemelle Daniel.

Hot air is needed to fill
balloons for birthdays, parties, and adds a festive touch to flower

But now Daniel has to use
“cups in sticks”, attach the balloon to a cup and a long stick and
put it inside the arrangement.

And once this helium tank
is empty…

“No more floating
balloons, there will be balloons on sticks,” said Jemelle Daniel.

That means not making
promises to customers that they can't keep.

“And not to promise
that we can have floating balloons for Johnny's birthday party because they
might be balloons on sticks,” said Jemelle Daniel.

Balloons are flying off
the shelves at gift shops.

But it's been rough going
lately as there just hasn't been enough hot air to go around.

Jumelle Daniel, Floral Department Manager says, “One company that we
did get the helium from hasn't had helium in over a year now,” said Jemelle Daniel.

Daniel says this is the
last helium tank she knows of in Augusta.

But in less than a week
it's already half empty.

“It might be the last
helium tank that we ever see. We hope not, but we just have to go day by day
and when this one runs out hope for the best,” said Jemelle Daniel.

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