Buddy Check 6 – November 2013

Buddy Check 6 - November 2013 (Image 1)

This months Buddy Check 6 report features a women who's making a joyful noise as a survivor.
Valerie Freeman is on the battle field spreading the message of early detection.

Mrs. Thelma Rea Freeman passed away in 2008, but left behind daughters who are making a difference.
Valerie and Yvonne are both breast cancer survivors. older sister, yvonne was diagnosed twice, once in 1999 and then again in 2007, Yvonne, ” we talked about it and i just told her we gon be alright, we gon be alright, stay strong, we gon be alright.”

So with a little encouragement, on this day valerie is coming out of her comfort zone and sharing her story and an important message, Valerie, ” a lot of people feel like we'll i don't have insurance I can 't do this, that's the small thing to worry about, life is so much more important, than worrying about whether I'm gonna get this bill paid or not.”
The only two in the family to be diagnosed with breast cancer, stress the importance of early detection, especially after talking to her doctor, Valerie, ” he explained to me where it was and said that there is no way that i would have found it. because of where it was and the size of it, it was 1.5, an so i tell everybody get your mammograms. cause it's so important to have your mammograms, cause even during the breast exams doesn't mean that you will find it.”

Valerie was diagnosed in august 2007……she's faced surgery, re-construction surgery and chemotherapy, “this is something that I have to go through for whatever reason to help whoever that I need to help, so I'm going to go through it and I'm going to do whatever I need to do and I'm going to get through it.”

She's also a calendar girl, so to speak…..she along with 11 other breast cancer survivors are featured in University hospitals portraits of life survivors calendar. Valerie is Ms. December 2014, “I tell anyone, just because your diagnosed with breast cancer it's not a death sentence. just hold on, keep the faith, god has a plan, he has a plan for all of us.”

It's a plan that continues to unfold, each day for these ladies as they offer love and support for each other.

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