Affordable care Act – Nov 8th

Affordable care Act - Nov 8th (Image 1)

With so much uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act website…many people are concerned about their coverage for 2014.
The government is working to get the site up and running properly in order to facilitate questions and help people sign up.
Millions of Americans are already on Medicare, with thousands more joining at the first of the year.
Benefit Coordinators helped us out with these question….How will the Affordable Care Act affect medicare coverage.
Will benefits change for medicare recipiants? And Should medicare patients go to the ACA website?

Robert Harn, Benefit Coordinators, “at present time the ACA does not affect medicare ony those 64 years of age or younger however medicare recipiants will see increased preventive benefits, such as cancer screenings and annual wellness visits.”

Many Americans who were told they would be able to keep their current insurance if they wanted liked it, However some policies will discontinue in 2014, because of the new health care law.
Send your questions about the Affordable Care Act to CAREACT@WJBF.COM….we'll bring you the answers on WJBF every Thursday at 5:00.

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