What’s Trending at 5:30, Tuesday, November 19th / Conversation

Time for what's trending at 5:30…

It's a game they call, ” “Catch an Illegal Immigrant”
Students at the University of Texas thought it was cool……however others say it's in bad taste.
This is how it works…..Members planned to wear signs that said “illegal immigrant” and offered $25 gift cards to students who caught them and turned them in to the club.
Now, the students have decided to cancel, saying they feared retaliation from campus officials who called their plan a violation of the university's honor code.
Student spokesperson says the goal is to spark debate over immigration reform and that the university should not silence student protests.
University officials say all students must treat one another respectfully.

Here's another game gaining popularity, but this one has deadly consequences.
It involves people going up to strangers, punching them and running off.
It's called “knockout” or the “one hit quitter” game and investigators say its spreading.
Videos of attacks are posted online from Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Washington D.C.
in a few of the cases, the victims died.

Today is the first United Nations “World Toilet Day.”
Proper sanitation is a serious subject and a major global health concern and organizers are working to raise awareness.
According to the u-n, two-and-a-half billion people — that's one in three people in the world — do not have a toilet or access to sustainable sanitation.

It's your time and the experts say many will leave it on the table this year…..we're talking vacation days.
There are 42 days left in 2013, and many may end up be leaving days on the table.
22 percent  says it's just difficult to schedule vacations
18 percent prefer getting cash for unused days
16 percent say they may not be able to afford a vacation…
8 percent of people surveyed say that absence could work against them

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