Ways To Keep Your Sweet Tooth At Bay During The Holidays

Ways To Keep Your Sweet Tooth At Bay During The Holidays (Image 1)

Halloween may be over, but
the sweets just keep coming throughout the holidays.  Why do so many of us have that sweet
tooth?  Susan Hendricks has more on what
we can do to make sure we don't pack on too many extra pounds.

Let's face it, we may “oooh
and ahhh” over the turkey, but it's the deserts we are really craving. Why are
some of us sweet freaks?

“Our attraction to
sweets dates back millions of year ago, because sweets were important, breast
milk is sweet, fruits are sweet, and that ensured our survival,” said
Katherine Tallmadge, Registered Dietician. 

But eating too many sweets
can pack on the pounds, causing obesity which leads to problems like diabetes
and heart disease. And what's worse, sweets are hard to say “no” to
because they have addictive qualities.

“They light up the
same pleasure centers of the brain that many addictive substances do,” said

But to most people, sweets
are just high calorie comfort food.

So what's the best way to
limit our sweet intake?  Dietitians say
try these…

-Get 30 minutes of
sunlight a day.  Sunlight produces
serotonin, known as the feel-good chemical in the brain that prevents cravings
for sweets, like ice cream.

-Put pleasure into  your life, such as exercising and being with

-Keep your daily sweets to
no more than 10% of your daily calories or splurge once a week.

-Don't stock up on
sweets.  What's not there won't tempt

-Think of creative ways to
use fruits, which are a natural sugar into your diet, that will satisfy your

All good ways to have your
sweets and eat them too!

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