Affordable Care Act – November 21

Affordable Care Act - November 21 (Image 1)
Affordable Care Act - November 21 (Image 1)

As tbe Obama Administration continues working to resolve website issues…..those with and without a job face the registration deadline that is quickly approaching.
As viewers continue to send their questions into NewsChannel Six, we are working to get Affordable Health care answers for you.
Here's one of our recent questions…..If I have insurance through my employer, how will it affect me?

We went to Robert Harn of Benefit Coordinators for the answer and here's what he had to say,
“it should not affect you at all if you have group insurance through your employer which is deemed affordable and meets the minimun value standards, There is no need to visit the federal market place or exchange. As always there could be some minor changes in your copays or deductibles.”

Millions will be affected by the new healthcare law on January 1st 2014. Recent website issues are supposed to be fixed by December 1st.
Should you have questions before either deadline hits, send them to CareAct@WJBF.Com…..and NewsChannel Six will work hard to get you the answers you need.

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