Whar’s Trending at 5:30, November 21th / Conversation

Whar's Trending at 5:30, November 21th / Conversation (Image 1)

Time now to take a look at What's Trending…..

Take a look at this island in the making…  a volcanic eruption raised a new island in the seas far south of Tokyo, near the Bonin Islands. Japan's coast guard and geologists confirmed it. The Japanese meteorological agency says the island is about 660 feet in diameter.

If you feel like there's less and less room to move around on a plane…you are correct according to a new study. Travel website “seat guru” ran the numbers and in a seat-by-seat comparison over time — its study confirms, the airlines are packing us in. The average seat today is two inches smaller than it was 20 years ago.
Which means more seats per flight, and more revenue for the airlines.
There is a movement to put a halt to the shrinking.  Airplane manufacturer, airbus has partnered with the london sleep center to make 18 inches the industry standard.

Utter chaos inside the hallways of a Philadelphia high school…cellphone video captured a brawl. Investigators say it started because of a post on social media. Ten students were taken into custody. Two students and an administrator suffered minor injuries.

A preacher upset at finding Bibles at Costco. But it's what he found *on* those Bibles that has sparked some outrage. Kimberly Cheng is in Simi Valley, California.

“I was kind of surprised,” so he posted this picture on social media, a bible with a caption that reads, “Costco has Bibles for sale under the genre of fiction. hmmm…”

Caleb Kaltenbach, lead pastor at Discovery Church, was out shopping at Costco in simi valley when he saw Bibles with sticker tags marked, “14.99 fiction.”

I tried to find somebody and I couldn't. I checked to see if the other bibles were like that and they were. The photo is sparking debate.
One person responded on twitter, “Is costco selling the koran under the genre of fiction?”
Another tweeted, “I think costco got this right.”
Members at Kaltenbach's church say it's a big deal. “I was completely offended. it's wrong, and I believe that the bible is real.
As a christian, I believe obviously that it's not fiction, that it's the Word of God and should be treated as holy, and it's not fiction in a lot of people's hearts and minds across the country and around the world.

Kaltenbach says costco later reached out to him and explained…
that it was a distributing error within their warehouse where they get the books from.
He says the labels were later changed, at another costco store, we found bibles marked, “gift.”

Kaltenbach says he's gotten mixed response, outrage on both sides of the religious debate, but he's chalking this up to a mistake.

It just highlights our mission of being able to share the gospel with people.

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