Seahawks Mini Earthquake

Seahawks Mini Earthquake (Image 1)

Sports fans can get pretty loud and crazy about their teams. But some fans got really loud. They cheered so loudly Monday night, that they registered on a seismograph.

Carl Azuz has the story.

A seahawk might not sound menacing. “Seattle Seahawks” certainly sounds smoother than Seattle Ospreys.  And a team record of 11 and one sounds like “Super Bowl” to some.

But nothing sounds like the Seahawks' Century Link Field. It's loud. It set a Guinness world record for noise earlier this season.

Decibel levels here can exceed the volume of thunder.

And during the Monday night football face-off between the Seahawks and the Saints… fans went seismic.

Late in the first quarter, there was a Saints fumble.  There was a Seahawks recovery. There was a touchdown by defensive lineman Michael Bennett.

And there was an earthquake.

The crowd went so wild that, at a seismic recording station nearby… a tremor measuring between magnitude one and two, shook the ground!

It's not the first time this has happened. Marshawn Lynch triggered a tremor with a touchdown back in 2011.

And it's not a major quake; it won't actually bring a house down, when fans bring the house down.

But it shows that when you mix an exceptional team with an exceptional fan base in an exceptionally loud stadium… you have a recipe that rocks.

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