Affordable Care Act – December 5th

Affordable Care Act - December 5th (Image 1)
Affordable Care Act - December 5th (Image 1)

According to White House officials, the troubled Affordable Care Act website is running a lot smoother.
To back that claim, they’ve released positive numbers of those who successfully signed up.

The White House facing a goal of enrolling Americans in insurance plans by the end of the year. But they are also working to change the public perception of the health care law after a rough two months of technical problems.
Still there are many who have questions about how the affordable care act will affect hearing aids, prosthetics and even wheel chair equipment.

Robert Harn, Benefit Coordinators,  
“prosthetics, wheel chairs, crutches, diabetic supplies and oxygen equipment are what’s called durable medical equipment. They are covered expenses and will most likely require prior authorization or co-pay. New born hearing tests are covered under the ACA, there may be no cost to you depending on which plan you choose.

If you have questions about the Affordable Care Act, send it us at:….we’ll get the answers for you. It’s healthcare coverage you can count on.

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