Buddy Check 6 – December

Buddy Check 6 - December (Image 1)

University Hospital facing the new year with a new plan for patient care…..how they’re planning to make healthcare easier for their patients. Here’s more in tonight’s Buddy Check 6.

University Hospital’s Breast Imaging Center is undergoing some changes. They’ll continue to provide quality care for their patients, however coming together under one roof will make it more convenient.

Dr. Josh Rafoth, ” this is where we interpret their studies interpret mammograms and MRI’s and Ultrasound here. Dr. Rafoth is the Medical Director of the Imaging Center and he reviews images to make sure breast are cancer free.

Greg Cook is the Manager of Breast Health Imaging Center, ” with the transition now were gonna focus on breast imaging procedures.”  When women walk through their doors, those at University would like to make this a one stop shop for breast health care.  

Dr. Rafoth, “the efficiency of getting the women taken care of is one aspect, but I think the more important aspect is their comfort level. They come to the same building, they’re comfortable with this building, with this facility they faces that they see.

Efficiency isn’t the only benefit…..

Greg, ” mommography can cause a lot of anxiety, especially when there is a problem that has been detected. and theres a need for follow up to clear that up. so it doesn’t help that process when we have patients we have to move all over the hospital, if we can keep them in one place. We hope that we can alleviate some of that anxiety.”

With the possibility of performing nearly a hundred or more procedures a day, the new set up and new technology will help keep things on track.

Dr. Rafoth, ” there’s a lot of other procedures that we have available now one of which is breast MRI which we interpret here and perform here. Ultrasound is evolving and is a great tool and then there are other procedures on the horizon.”

University Hospital moving into the future with new technology and patient care.

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