Golden Apple: Ann Sturkey

Golden Apple: Ann Sturkey (Image 1)

The biggest challenge in Ann Sturkey's classroom, at least on this day, during this lesson, is to try not to eat the school supplies.
“We're learning about the phases of the moon,” she says. “So we use Oreos and the icing to help show the waxing and the waning. The cream being the light, and them taking away the cream and just showing the different phases of the moon.”
Just another example of how Ann Sturkey does not just depend on a textbook to get her lesson plan done.

“We're always singing and moving and doing hands-on activities.  I just find that I can't just sit and listen. I get bored. It goes in one ear and out the other.  So I try as a teacher to make it just as engaging and fun as I can for my students,” she says.
It's enough to make these 4th graders really enjoy math and science.

“I don't want the kids to come to school and be bored.  I want them to come and be like “yeah school!”, and like when they came back from Thanksgiving, they were like “yeah, we're back!”, and that just makes my heart overflow with joy just to know that they love school.”

Ann Sturkey helping these children do their best by having an impact on them that will last a lifetime.

“I remember my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Dye. And I've always said I want to leave that lasting impression on my kids' hearts when they leave, so that way when they're in college, when they're doctors and lawyers, I tell them when they're older, they even can come take care of me.  I want them to remember Ms. Sturkey taught me when I was in elementary school.  And so I do everything I can to make sure I leave that lasting impression for them.”

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