Buddy Check 6

Buddy Check 6 : 14th Annual Miracle Mile Walk (Image 1)
Buddy Check 6 : 14th Annual Miracle Mile Walk (Image 1)

Rebecca Shealy is an advocate for eating right and working out…..now she has a new mission to help women fight breast cancer.
Her story is this month’s buddy check 6 report.

Lifting weights and eating healthy is a way of life for Rebecca Shealy. However in October of 2013, she added a focus to her daily routine, “on my 47th birthday i was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. When people that know me found out that I was diagnosed with breast cancer they were all in shock. i’m in the gym 4 and 5 days a week.”

Fighting cancer is a tough battle, but Rebecca says she’s got the strength and support to make it, “I would push myself to the limit knowing that the limit knowing that my limits were a little different going into this. Just listening to your body knowing what you can and can’t do.”

She had a lumpectomy and chemotherapy. she will face another surgery, radiation and then medication. With full on support from university hospital,  family and friends, she shaved her head before chemotherapy and decided to take the reigns in this journey.

Rebecca, “this is the start of daryl cutting me into a punk rocker.”

Through it all Shealy has found a strength that motivates her to lift the weight of every challenge, “it is a no fault cancer. and if i can touch just one person, one person to make a difference then maybe it can save their lives. i truly believe that god is using me in his plan, whatever that is, i’m just going to let him take the lead.”
And sending a message that mammogram’s can save lives.

For more information about breast cancer and mammogram’s contact University Hospital’s Breast Health Center.

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