Golden Apple: Shannon Burnett

Golden Apple: Shannon Burnett (Image 1)

In Shannon Burnett's class it's not about tackling one lesson and moving on to the next one. She makes sure her students truly grasp a concept before they leave it behind.

“We've actually been covering a review from a benchmark test we've taken,” she says.”And we were going over some of the questions that the students didn't answer correctly.”

Sounds like a good way to get her students to lock in on her lesson plan and really learn it.

“We started off with just an introduction to science and the students learned about the scientific method.  We even got a chance to use the microscopes and some of the scientific tools. We've also learned about cells, plant and animal cells. And recently we're talking about earth science,” she says.

These 5th graders are encouraged to get up and take part in what she's teaching.

“I know I wouldn't want to be in a chair all day long. I do like a lot of movement.  I like interactive learning. We go into the science lab quite a bit and that gets them up and out of their chairs and out of their desks so that they can have some hands-on science experiments.”

And even though she's got this teaching thing down pat, Ms. Burnett will remind you -she – is still a student too.

“I'm constantly learning. I recently learned from 2nd grade to 5th grade so a lot of these concepts I'm having to relearn and teach myself but I enjoy it.  It's fun. I enjoy the children.”

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