What’s Trending at 5:30 Thursday, January 23rd

Time to take a look at What’s Trending…..

When musicians play instruments like the flute or clarinet….it takes a lot of hot air to hit the right note.
However, *that* could affect how ‘ice instruments sound. A concert series in Sweden features instruments made of ice.
The chilly instruments are rare….but said to make beautiful music…and the tunes are pretty cool to the listeners.

…And speaking of ice….To Washington, D.C we go….were the local news was pretty cool.
The news team at a station there anchored the nightly news from an “ice desk” outside the studios.
The set was complete with the news crew and a thermometer that showed just how cold it was in the nation’s capitol.

In warmer climates….waves are expected to hit record highs of 40 -50 feet in Hawaii.
A high-surf warning is in effect because of the dangerous currents, making it  too dangerous for surfers.
A storm with hurricane-force winds out at sea are to blame.

…..and just up the road in Atlanta…..Dekalb County to be exact…..beer was flowing freely on the ramp from interstate 285 to i-20.
Talk about a traffic nightmare….or a waste of good beer – however you look at it.
A tractor-trailer loaded with beer overturned, dumping a whole lot of bud light.
The ramp was closed for cleanup…..as workers pulled out straws and drank the beer from the ground – just kidding.
No one was hurt….but a bruised hearts of beer lovers.
No word on the cause.

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