Cancer Answer – January – Healthy Eating, Healthy Life

For many people healthy eating and exercise can lead to a healthy living….and research shows that when it comes to fighting any disease the same formula will go a long way. More now in tonight’s Cancer Answer.

With recent news of new updated nutrition labels coming from the FDA, nutritionist like Rachel Johanek, with University Hospital say this is good news for their patients, especially those fighting cancer, “there are several fruits and vegetables along those lines, apples and berries and flack-seed that have been studied that have been shown to reduce your risk of several cancers.”

Although eating healthy isn’t a sure fire way to prevent the disease, research shows that exercise and a healthy diet definitely help in the fight to stay healthy. Now the FDA will help consumers when they shop by making it easier to read the labels in order to control in-take and the healthy eating doesn’t stop with what’s in the pantry.

Rachel, “limiting your red meat, and process meats is also important, you don’t want to have more than 18 oz of beef in your diet., this includes beef, pork, processed meats like ham, bacon and sausage.”

For those who like to enjoy an adult beverage, research shows that cutting back could help you stay healthy, Rachel, ”
it should be no more than two drinks for men per day and one drink for women. cutting down your alcohol can cut your risk of colorectal cancer.

With the new nutrition labels the number of calories will be easy to read, understand and easy to apply to everyday life.
many in the healthcare industry say that this is a move in the right direction.


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