What’s Trending at 5:30, Thursday, January 9th / Conversation

The consumer electronics show is in full swing in Las Vegas.
And many expected mothers are buzzing about this new onesie.
The Mimo smart onsie for babies allows parents to track their babies on a smartphone or tablet.
The clothing measures a baby’s heart rate and other signals like temperature.

Tech junkies are drooling over some of the other new devices being shown.
Among some of the more impressive innovations is an easier way to charge your mobile devices:
This is intel’s charging bowl — simply drop a device such as a bluetooth headset or phone inside… and the bowl charges it, no wires needed.

Stocks for the legal marijuana businesses in Colorado are high.
Companies that service the growing of the plant have seen markets soar after Marijuana’s legalization.
Most of these stocks are only available on over-the-counter exchanges.
Many of the companies continue seeing large amounts of orders from consumers.

Not everyone is kept inside by these very cold temperatures and a restaurant in Massachussetts put out a challenge: to get people outside enjoying their time.
Hot Table at Tower Square put out the call for diners willing to eat lunch outside  on their patio, in what they were calling the Polar Vortex  Challenge.
In exchange, the diners ate lunch for free.
The hearty diners came prepared, with all the necessary cold weather gear, including hats, gloves, and some even brought blankets.

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