What’s Trending at 5:30, Friday, January 31st / Conversation

What's Trending at 5:30, Friday, January 31st / Conversation (Image 1)
What's Trending at 5:30, Friday, January 31st / Conversation (Image 1)

Time for What’s Trending at 5-30…

48 hours ’til super bowl 48 and we have picks coming from all sorts of places.  first a prognosticating pachyderm…an elephant with at the circus up in greenville says….the denver broncos will win on Sunday.
meanwhile at the zoo in salt lake city, zookeeper’s left it up to eli the ape to decide…whichever logo he knocks down is the winner.  and eli is going with….the seattle seahawks!!!!

so it appears we have a tie in the animal kingdom.  who better to break that tie than my cat izzy?  she has picked the super bowl for us for the last eight years…she has been right six out of eight times.  as always she spent the week leading up to the big game reading…studying game film….you can see how exhausting it is.  so we put equal amounts of her favorite food in two bowls labeled broncos and seahawks…and then we let the magic happen.  this the hardest time she’s ever had making a decision…seahawks?  broncos?  and the winner is…..
The Denver Bronco’s
Julius Thomas, “I think that does help us out. It allows us to fight through things maybe smaller guys have trouble with. We don’t talk about it much but I’m sure it gives us an advantage.”
Pete Carroll, “We may play exceedingly well and still not be able to beat them, that’s how good they are. But we’re going to go out there and play at our best and see what happens.”

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