Giving Your Best: James Coleman

Giving Your Best: James Coleman (Image 1)

Making sure nobody goes hungry:  it’s a big challenge for one Edgefield County man.

James Coleman started helping get food to people in need about 8 years ago, when found out about some members of his church who were unable to get the staples they needed.

Coleman’s efforts have really expanded since then, to the point where this retired minister is feeding over 100 families a month. He says he doing God’s work- fulfilling the commandment to “Love your neighbor as yourself,”  and that’s why James Coleman is February’s Giving Your Best winner.

“I’ve been all over the world and I’ve been on missions trips and I got a lot of age on me, and I never can remember one time not having three meals a day. But I’ve seen people who don’t have not a thing.”

James Coleman started providing fresh fruits and vegetables for those in need within his congregation… but soon realized the problem extended far beyond those church walls.

Son Stacey says it’s his dad’s nature to help people.

“He has a genuine concern for individuals, he is willing to go beyond to see that people have whatever they need, whether it’s food or some other resource.”

He eventually formed a partnership with the Golden Harvest Food Bank, and just recently branched out again, establishing a Board of Trustees and volunteers for the new Edgefield Food Bank.

“And if it wasn’t for Golden Harvest Food Bank and the good people in Aiken, and the USDA food, then this couldn’t have materialized like it has. And we want to thank Bilo and those that have helped us get food to give to those that are in need.”

Quite a legacy to leave for his four children. Stacey agrees!

“We talk about it among ourselves, we fear that we can’t live up to that – there are no expectations for us but he’s a great man, a great model for us.”

How does that make James feel?

“I feel like I’m not worthy of it, but I just give it all to Jesus, just trying to do the work of the Lord.”

And he says -that- work is ultimately to eradicate hunger in his community.

“If things turn out like we’re looking at, Edgefield County shouldn’t have no hungry people in it whatsoever, I think it should be well covered.”

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