Mom2Mom: Shine On, Sky Baby!

Mom2Mom: Shine On, Sky Baby! (Image 1)

Mom2Mom, Dec/Jan ’14:  There’s a reason we named our baby girl Sky.

I had a 9 month old and a 2 year old when I told the doctor something just “wasn’t right” with me. He listened to my symptoms and concerns then ordered some blood work. The next day I was stunned to get a call from him—on a Saturday, no less.

The lab report surprised him as much as it did me:  I was very pregnant, already into the second trimester. I’d been so busy keeping up with Zack and Maddy that it never occurred to me I could be pregnant!

After two uneventful pregnancies, we faced some challenges with the third.  More than anything I felt guilty because I hadn’t known I was pregnant for so long:  I wasn’t eating right, I didn’t take prenatal vitamins, I may have had a glass or two of wine…things I never would have done with the first two.  

And then, here we were a month from the due date, and she was trying to come. I spent a day in the ER while they stopped the labor, then had to go on complete bed rest until her lungs developed enough to be born.

I felt horrible because I hadn’t done all of the prenatal things for this baby. It seemed so unfair for her! So I told Scott one night that if this baby made it, her horizons would be wide open and I had to call her “Sky.” (Bless his heart, he was so freaked out at this point in the pregnancy that I could have said, “I have to call her Hand Sanitizer,” and he would have agreed!)

Two weeks later they induced labor and we welcomed a happy, healthy dark-haired baby girl, our little Sky Baby.  She was a bundle of joy then and has remained a joy her whole life.

I often say my Sky drops a little burst of sunshine wherever she goes—it’s just her nature. And now, as I wish her a Happy 18th Birthday, I thank God for giving me the privilege of being her mother.  

I love you, sweet girl…and never forget, your horizons are wide open!

Artwork by Michael Rushbrook. To read Augusta Family Magazine, click here.

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