What’s Trending at 5:30, Thursday, February 6th & Conversation

Time for What’s trending…..

Bieber is back in the news, for more bad behavior.
On a flight from Canada to the super bowl, apparently Bieber and his father refused a pilot’s warning to stop smoking pot.
According to an official the marijuana smoke was so strong in the jet’s cabin that the crew put on oxygen masks.
They were afraid they would inhale so much… It would cause them to test positive for drug use.

Now imagine waking up, looking out your window and seeing this!
It is a statue of a man in only his underwear.. Sleepwalking.
The controversial piece of art is part of an exhibition at Wellesley college in Massachusetts.
Now some at the all-female school are demanding the statue be taken down.
The museum director says the goal of the statue is to provoke discussion.

The race is less than a mile in distance, but is almost straight up.
More than 5 hundred competitors took to the steps as part of the 37th annual Empire State building run-up.
Participants raced up 86 floors, which is more than 15 hundred steps.
The winner finished in an astounding 11 minutes, 57 seconds.

And talk about getting in shape.
A couple of news anchors are taking fitness to the next level.
This pair in South Carolina laced up their sneakers and read the 10 o clock news while doing a little cardio.
W-H-N-S in Greenville had run a story about a growing trend in offices that use stand-up workstations.
When a local seller saw the story, he offered the station a chance to try it out during their broadcast.

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