What’s Trending at 5:30, Monday, February 10th

What's Trending at 5:30, Monday, February 10th (Image 1)

Time for What’s Trending?

If you like smoking crack…and need a new pipe….There’s a vending machine for that.
The idea is to reduce the spread of injury and disease among drug users by providing them with safe and durable pipes.
Using chipped or broken pipes and sharing them with others can spread HIV and hepatitis C.
Each pipe is 25-cents.
The machines were set up by an outreach group in Vancouver, Canada 6 months ago.

Fifty years ago today — a milestone in music history….when the beatles arrived in America in February of 19-64.
They also performed on “the ed sullivan show”…. that made them among the most-successful rock bands of all time.
73 million americans watched the “ed sullivan show” that Sunday night — more than a third of all americans, and one of the biggest u-s t-v audiences ever.

A recent celebration at McDonald’s was no kids party.
MORRIS MILLER is turning 100.
His co-workers recognized him as an outstanding employee…..that began when he was only 75.
His boss pays him to show up three days a week to enjoy a free breakfast and do what he does best, chit chat with customers.

A new coffee shop is calling itself “dumb starbucks” it’s dumb and it’s free!  what more could we ask for?
Customers waited as long as an hour to get a cup of the ”dumb” stuff.
it’s a real coffee house, but is calling itself parody art to skirt trademark laws and use the starbucks name and logo for marketing reasons. Will this lead to other restaurants. 

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