Governor Nikki Haley Tours Damage in Aiken

Gov. Haley Visits Aiken (Image 1)

Aiken, SC (WJBF) — South Carolina Governor Nikki flew into Aiken today to take a tour of the damage from this week’s ice storm.
But some people were really upset, saying she didn’t get out on the ground to see the damage that they are dealing with outside of downtown.

Some tempers heated up today at a press conference with Governor Nikki Haley about the cold, dark reality tens of thousands of people across South Carolina have been dealing with for days:

“They need to know how many calls are coming in…”  “…9-1-1 told me to call you, you told us to call them, they told me to call you, stop giving us the run around.”

“I just think it’s crap, they stood there and they did it for a photo opp to make it seem like she cares, they did it all for the press, it’s for you, it’s not for us.”

And that woman wasn’t alone. While downtown Aiken does have downed limbs and damage, some people who live outside the city limits said in their opinion the Governor didn’t begin to get on the ground:

“I don’t understand where they rode through, if you come to where we live there are two power poles, snapped from the top with transformers dangling like Christmas ornaments.”

We wanted to clear that up, so I asked Governor Haley directly  why she stayed in the car and drove straight downtown.  She said she did what she needed to do to get the lights back on: “The biggest thing I want is how do we get the power back up. Now you’ll see me getting a coordinated effort with DOT to get in front of the utilities to clear the road.”

Governor Haley explained that being on the ground downtown would help her get the problem fixed.

Gov Haley said not as bad as it could be because of strategic sessions after the storm 2 weeks ago. Aiken County should have power restored by Monday. We’ll keep you posted on outages and developments.

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