What’s trending at 5:30, Tuesday, February 18th & Conversation

It’s time for what’s trending……

Millions of eyeballs are glued to the Olympics. A lot of the buzz is about eyeballs…..from Bob Costas’ eye infection to a new picture that’s getting a lot of laughs. A selfie of one woman who thought she was taking a pic of the hockey rink.
From Bob Costa’s to the selfie’s the eye have it.

The University of Wisconsin is inviting people to walk through a giant, inflatable colon…in order to learn about digestive health.
The University’s Carbone Cancer Center is hosting the “strollin’ colon” — a free interactive exhibit.
Visitors can learn about the different stages of colon cancer and get information about the diseases.

What do your music choices say about you? pandora radio hopes the songs you pick will reveal your political preferences…..and they want to cash in on it.
Starting next week, pandora radio will launch a new advertising service based on a user’s perceived political leanings.
Making it easier for political organizations to target you specifically.
Pandora officials say there is a strong correlation between your political leanings and music choice. 73 million people use pandora

Nike is planning to make self-tying shoes… similar to the ones seen in the film “back to the future two.”
You may remember,  michael j. fox’s “back to the future” character, marty mcfly, wore self-tying nike mags in the movie during the year 20-15.
The real-life self-tying shoes are slated to come out in 20-15.

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