What’s trending at 5:30, Thursday, February 20th & Conversation

What's trending at 5:30, Thursday, February 20th & Conversation (Image 1)

pink hair, pink beard and even pink eyebrows!
one man is sporting it because he lost a super bowl bet….but decided to make it pay off for a good cause.
steve betters posted his picture on facebook…and for 500 likes, he said he would donate 5-hundred dollars to the barbara bush hospital in portland, oregon….if he got one-thousand likes…he would donate 0ne-thousand dollars to the hospital.
the picture got well over a thousand likes.

the u-s appears to be experiencing a decline in its clown population.
the new york daily news reports membership at the world clown association has dropped from 35-hundred to 24-hundred over the last decade.
apparently, young people aren’t interested in becoming clowns and the old ones are dying.

Australian officials brought down a building, one brick at a time….and in the midst of controversy.
Thousands of tons of concrete and bricks – smashed to the ground
The blast sent a giant dust cloud over some homes – but officials insist – there’s no risk from asbestos – or toxic chemicals. Others say only time will tell if the building was toxic.

Kate Upton gracing the cover of sports illustrated weightless.
every year, sports illustrated tries to top itself with its swimsuit edition, so this year the shoot went out of this world.
the crew boarded g force 1 in florida for their top secret photo shoot.
the company that offers weighless flights is open to the public. for 5-thousand dollars anyone can fly up and down about 15 times.

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