Giving Your Best: Darrell Byrd

Giving Your Best: Darrell Byrd (Image 1)

The first Monday of the month means it’s time to recognize another outstanding community volunteer.

First of all, Darrell Byrd -does- have a job!!  He’s a Vice President at First Bank of Georgia.  
But he is so active in the Augusta community that his friends joke about whether or not he works for a paycheck!

Darrell is a big supporter of the military, and is involved with the Fisher House; he takes Wounded Warriors to the Masters tournament every April; he’s also a volunteer at the Children’s Hospital, one of many volunteer commitments that make Darrell Byrd is this month’s Giving Your Best winner.

Darrell Byrd wanted to tell us how he felt about winning the Giving Your Bet award:

“Ugh, I can’t do this.”
“I can’t do this!”

Really, he did:


Then, friends like Jess Evans, who nominated Darrell for the award, came to the rescue:

“You can tell somebody that serves from their heart, compared to somebody who serves just to be seen– and Darrell’s the type of person, he just serves from his heart.”

Audrey Murell is the Executive Director of the Augusta Training Shop, where Darrell gives much of his time.

“Darrell has been very instrumental in getting the training shop more volunteers and more support through financial and volunteering. He has shed so much light for these people who don’t have- like he says- their own voice.”

Cameron Nixon is Darrell’s boss at First Bank of Georgia.

“How he juggles his schedule between what he’s paid to do and his passion for volunteering is beyond me! But he makes it all work and he’s a real gem.”

Petty Officer Henry McLaughlin met Darrell soon after arriving at Fort Gordon.

“He’s involved in absolutely everything! So it’s nice to know someone who is so responsible and cares about his community.”

Darrell gives back, and then some!  He’s involved in Leadership Columbia County, the Exchange Club of Columbia County, Augusta Sports Council and Champions Made from Adversity.

But it’s this work here, the time he spends at the Augusta Training Shop, that really tugs at his heart.

“If you’re having a bad day you come to the shop and you’re like, ‘Wow, my problems are nothing.’  You’ve got Adrian who can’t speak, you got Miss Bobbie who has no legs, you’ve got DeeDee who’s got a hug for everyone and is full of life. You know they appreciate you coming but when you leave you feel so good about coming down here.”

Darrell gives a lot of credit to his parents, who instilled in him a desire to give back and to care for those less fortunate. He encourages people to find that passion deep inside that drives them, and turn it into compassion for others.

“I think giving back is probably the biggest thing we can all do, especially to people who don’t have a voice – that’s it, I can’t do anymore!”

Darrell adds that there are many worthwhile causes and he believes it’s up to each of us to make at least one our own.

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