What’s trending at 5:30, Thursday, March 6th & Conversation

What's trending at 5:30, Thursday, March 6th & Conversation (Image 1)

It could be the start of a trend.
This bar in san francisco is banning google glasses.
The move follows a controversy in that city last week at a different bar.
A woman says she was assaulted for wearing the computer eyewear.
Some states have also banned drivers from wearing the devices behind the wheel.

An ATM heist at a Texas bank is caught on camera.
Thieves used a forklift to steal an ATM at a credit union in Odessa.
Investigators aren’t revealing how much money the robbers got away with.
But….the search for the suspects is underway.

Playing with barbie could limit how girls view their career choices.
That’s according to an experiment conducted by an Oregon State University researcher.
The researcher had the girls play with either a barbie doll or a mrs. potato head.
After a few minutes, the girls were asked about possible careers.
The researcher reported girls who played with barbie thought they could do fewer jobs than boys.
Those with mrs. potato head thought they could do about the same.

A teacher in Newbury Park, California used donations to buy the unique seats for her class.
She says it helps her fifth-graders pay attention.
How would your kids react if their chairs at school were replaced with these.

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