What’s trending at 5:30, Wednesday, March 12th & Conversation

Rolling Stone, Keith Richards making plans to roll out a children’s book in September.
The book entitled…. “Gus and me: The story of my granddad and my first guitar”
The book will highlight the rock star’s relationship with his grandfather, in 2010, richards released his autobiography entitled,  “Life”

Jonathan Martin…. the former offensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins who accused fellow teammate, richie incognito of bullying has been traded to the san francisco 49ers.
Martin will be reuniting with 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, who coached Martin in college. The 49ers and Dolphins do not play each other in 2014. 

It’s one of the most popular viral videos on youtube and it has nothing but strangers kissing strangers.
The idea is showing what it’s like to kiss a person you’ve only met a minute or two before…
The video “first kiss” is sponsored by wren, a clothing line but the awkward lines are what you remember.
“All My Children” soap star Jill Larson got roped into kissing a much younger man and there were even gay kisses. some of the couples were ready to plunge in, but others seemed nervous.

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