YHT North Augusta: North Augusta Arts And Heritage Center Houses The City’s Rich History

North Augusta’s rich history is now housed under one roof and open to the public.  It’s at the Arts and Heritage Center which greets visitors as they cross into the city from Georgia. Dee Griffin has a look at how the center brings history within your reach.
WJBF News Channel 6’s Dee Griffin takes a look at how the North Augusta Arts and Heritage brings the city’s rich history within your reach.
Tucked inside the Augusta Municipal Building, the North Augusta Arts and Heritage Center has become the area’s biggest gem, housing treasures from the past while shining a spotlight on artists of the present.

Andree Wallgren is the center’s Executive Director. She explains, “we have three galleries here. Two of the galleries feature rotating exhibits of art and local history. Our third gallery is a permanent exhibit which showcases the river’s rich history of our community and the surrounding CSRA.”

The center opened just five years ago and has already amassed a comprehensive collection of history that provides visitors an up-close look back in time. The model of North Augusta shows the city back in 1910, and features seventeen historic structures, eight of which are no longer standing. The exhibit allows visitors the chance to see them before their fall to fire, disrepair, or progress.

“It all came about because of the vision of the leaders of North Augusta and folks who are really committed to preserving art and history in our community,” says Wallgren.

The center also boasts a quaint gift shop that offers an intimate venue to view and purchase items by artists with a focus on culture and creativity. For North Augusta, the Arts and Heritage Center is taking small steps toward making a big path that will connect the past with the future for generations to come.

“The center brings together the community, local artists and gives them a venue to showcase their work and provide an opportunity for folks to come in to support local art and learn about the history of the area,” says Wallgren

During March, the North Augusta Arts and Heritage Center is showcasing artists from the Spring Fest art competition. In April, it will feature local golf art work and memorabilia. The Arts and Heritage Center does not charge an admission fee.

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