YHT North Augusta: Sno-Cap Drive-In Celebrating A Big Milestone

A popular North Augusta restaurant is celebrating a big milestone this year.

Sno-Cap Drive-In has been at the corner of West and Jackson since 1964, making this the drive-in’s 50th year in business.

The restaurant is known for its tasty food and has become a big tourist attraction. Despite changing ownership three times in fifty years, the restaurant hasn’t changed in appearance or service.

Sno-Cap owner Rachel Franklin explains, “It’s full service. You’re not standing at the counter waiting on someone to take your order. You’re not having to put up your tray like you’re in high school. It’s one of the last places where people really know you if you come here regularly and greet you. We really harp about being old fashioned.”

The Sno-Cap is offering specials each month to commemorate its 50 years in business. Also, there will be a big celebration on April 1st at the North Augusta Arts and Heritage Center, located inside the Augusta Municipal Building.

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